Demand for Plasma Fractionation Has Highly Increased across Vietnam


Plasma spinoffs have now found a number of applications in different spheres such as immunology neurology, critical care, dermatology, pediatrics, rheumatology, and hematology. As for example, plasma products such as coagulation factor VIII is utilized in handling blood related complications including hemophilia; and IVIG, on the other hand, is used in dealing with certain neurological disorders and primary immunodeficiency complications. Simultaneously, albumin is one of the major protein factors taken recourse to in the treatment of special medical conditions such as sepsis, renal dialysis, and Alzheimer’s. At times, it’s used as a promising vaccine ingredient too. This wide array of applications in various diseases has heightened the demand for plasma fractionation in more than one way.

Vietnam has a large healthcare market wherein the presence of the public sector is overriding the private sector, consisting of more than eighty-five of the commune health stops throughout the country. In keeping with World Bank Group, Vietnam is deemed to be a middle-income country with a healthcare outlay of 5.53% of its Gross Domestic Product.

And, to be successful as a middle-income nation, the Vietnamese government is now emphasizing on putting up core public health dimensions in proper development of workforce, surveillance of diseases, management of emergency situations, laboratory systems, and others so as to inhibit the course of unwanted diseases. In addition, on the basis of current demographic trends in Vietnam, it is expected to become an aged society by the year 2035.

This projected change in demographics is expected to intensify the arrival of different diseases among the population in the country, thus giving way to increased demand for inventive disease management lines and tactics. Furthermore, due to the long-term effect of the toxicants utilized in the Vietnam War, the masses are already keeping up with some major illnesses, congruently having a similar effect on the future age group in the country.

Vietnam already have a significant pool of populace suffering from epilepsy, brain cancer, and Parkinson’s syndrome, due to the use of Agent Orange herbicide all through the Vietnam War. This, in turn, has led to rising demand for inventive plasma therapies in the country. Eventually, the country does dole out a number of lucrative opportunities to the pharmaceutical organizations for developing their plasma fractionation foundries to cater to the growing demand of the population, which in turn has been beneficial for the market growth.

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